My Taboo of Over-Personal Blogging

I enjoy writing in this blog. I like how it’s helped me get into better writing habits, release thoughts and feelings, given me a sense of accomplishment, and learn and connect. I can see myself getting very involved with this someday, sooner if not later, given that I’ve recently had a ton of free time in my life open up.

I have one barrier that may stand in the way of me properly expressing certain thoughts or sharing some events in my life. I don’t think I can ever blog openly about my personal life, my family life, or relationships. I can’t bring myself to do it past a sentence here, an allusion there.

Let’s say, for example, that I hate my dad (I really don’t hate my dad, for the record). If I were to communicate on here my (imaginary) disdain for my father, and he were to run across this blog one way or another, there would be many complications in my life. He’d be upset at my feelings, and either become angry with me, or hold it in and become depressed, or grow apart from me. Our relationship would be strained. I wouldn’t want that at all. Therefore, even if it’s relevant to the blog, or if I’m itching to write a blog about family issues, I can’t discuss very personal issues like that. I just can’t.

I realize this blog pops up whenever one Googles my name. I’m okay with that. In fact, I like that. Hence, I have to be somewhat careful with what I write and share on here. I wouldn’t want friends, family members, employers, old teachers, co-workers, etc. to be offended or appalled at something I’ve written. It’s not that I’ve got anything offensive to share anyway, I’m a very easy-going and straightforward guy. BUT, in the off-chance that I’ve got a blog that’s borderline controversial or offensive to share, I realize that it wouldn’t be a very wise idea to publish it here. That’s why I’m going to shy away from overly religious/political/personal blogs.

I value my relationships. Anyone I’ve ever dated or been friends with will be spared from being picked apart on my blog. I could have a field day writing about and analyzing anything interesting, troubling, or unusual that’s ever happened between my friends, or between myself and a lover. I won’t do that. Even if I used “code names” for the people, they’d still know who they were just by reading, and others would be able to figure it out easily. I don’t want to upset anyone or compromise my trust and integrity by airing out dirty laundry or publicly criticizing those I’m close to. I don’t want to end up friends with someone or date a girl and have them think, “I don’t wanna end up close to this guy, I’ll just turn into a blog!” Nope, you won’t turn into a blog… no guarantees about you not turning into a song, though. 🙂

I know, faithful reader(s). This wasn’t much of an update. I just thought I’d clear up my stance on getting too personal on my blog, and thought that could explain any lack of depth. I don’t like being public about my business. I prefer to write about that stuff in lyrical form. It’s funner to do it that way, and I love reading when people pick apart my writing, trying to decipher the meaning. Double fun when they can’t figure it out!

Hope you all have a great day. Thanks for stoppin’ by.


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