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Writers’ Block… we meet again.

March 15, 2010

Forgive this nonsensical rambling blog. I just felt the need to write for writings’ sake. Yes, I’m an avid music listener with hundreds of albums… yet I don’t feel like reviewing any right now. Sure, I could jot down some commentary or insight on some goings-on in the world or culture… but I just haven’t had the drive lately. I’ll blame it on Writers’ Block but I’m sure there are other factors involved.

I’ve been getting nearly-40 hour work weeks over the past month. When I was updating this blog more frequently, I wasn’t getting very many hours and was bored often. That, for me, leads to plenty more writing of blogs and reviews and lyrics and everything fun under the sun. If I were getting paid to write, and had endless time to do so, you would see my productivity quadruple. You hear that, potential employers?? I’m a powder keg of literacy with a short fuse. It’s up to you to light me, baby.

I’ve also been out and about, enjoying life with friends and family. I’m going to Tennessee with my grandfather for the 2nd year in a row this April. Last year’s trip was enjoyable and I look forward to seeing if I can last two weeks without most technology yet again. If I can do it without going insane, any of you can!! I’ll get tons of reading done during this trip I’m sure.. last year I mowed through nearly every Dan Brown book and The Count of Monte Cristo.

I’m certainly glad the weather’s warming up. I’ve played basketball, ran, and spent more time with friends than ever in the past couple weeks. I’m excited about spring and think I’ll be in exceptional shape by the end of the summer, considering I’m 30 pounds lighter right now than I was at this point last year!! I intend on running and playing ball and maybe even swimming more often than ever.

There’s much more going on in my life right now than just all this.. I don’t even have a point in this entry other than trying my hardest to get over writers’ block.

And in short:

Carl Edwards deserved more punishment than a mere 3 race probation for intentionally wrecking Brad Keselowski at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Lady Gaga videos weird me out and make me uncomfortable. In a good way.

My friends are all oddballs and characters. But that’s why I love them so.

I want to collect coffee mugs, custom/retro sports jerseys, letters/journals, and a variety of quirky things you’d find on steakhouse walls when I’m old, rich, and bored.

So much about this world and this life fascinates me and fills my mind with endless thoughts. It can be a bother if I’m trying to work or drive or talk to people.  🙂

Nearly everybody deserves a second chance, a helping hand, a boost to success, and a shoulder to cry on. If I ever come across good fortune I’m certainly sharing it with family, friends, and people who need the help.

I work at a restaurant and daily I find myself pondering about the people who come in and out. Where are they coming from? Where are they going? What’s their story? What successes and dangers have they enjoyed or faced?

I love communication, history, learning, growing, experiencing, and getting to know the world and its people. I think every single person should share as much of their thoughts and ideas and stories as possible, because we never know when our last day may come and our minds will be gone from this mortal earth forever. I’ve touched on this before, but this is why I love writing, and why I’m constantly on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and why I have multiple blogs.

Ekoostik Hookah is a remarkably underrated band with an insane live show and supremely talented musicians.

Them Crooked Vultures should be the most popular group in the nation.

…and that’s all.